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Holistically Dope

2oz On the Rocks Lil Daddy

2oz On the Rocks Lil Daddy

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Travel size, TSA-approved 2oz version of this sweet and masculine heaux. Perfect size to put in your pocket or your car, bring on your carry-on, or even put in one of those mini-purses.

Sometimes, all you need is a stiff drink, on the rocks.

Let the subtle sweetness of honey and the depth of bourbon quench your skin’s thirst and transport you to a peaceful fireside kickback, favorite drink in hand.

Whether hanging on to the summer sun or getting cozy for fall, this butter will not only refresh you, but keep you moisturized and cuddled in the masculine, syrupy essence of a strong drink in a lowball glass with the perfect touch of sweetness. Intense moisture. Made with Love.


Ingredients: Mango and Shea Butter, JoJoba and Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Arrowroot Powder and fragrance oils (honey and bourbon)

100% Natural

Ethically Sourced


Cruelty-Free (only tested on myself and some eager loved ones)

Benefits of Clove essential oil:

  • can help remove dead skin cells
  • can help improve circulation
  • has rejuvenating and stimulating properties which can increase radiance in skin
  • can help ease headaches
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