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Focus Essential Oil Roller

Focus Essential Oil Roller

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Focus. Let's get to the business with this stimulating and revitalizing blend to help you stay sharp, whether studying or working, any time you need a lift in your day. This blend is invigorating and uplifting, helping to promote energy, focus, and a heightened sense of awareness.

How to Use:

  • Roll: along the wrists, throat, temples, and other pulse points as desired
  • Breathe: roll product onto clean palms of your hands, cup over nose and mouth and take 3-4 deep breaths: slow inhale in through the nose and long (3-6sec), slow exhale out through the mouth (4-8sec) to relax the body 
  • Best when applied 20-30 minutes before you intend to get into bed, allowing the essential oils to help create a sense of peacefulness, deep rest, and calm in your mind and body

How to Store: For best results, store all essential oil-based products in a cool, dry area away from direct heat, light and exposure to oxygen. 

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